What is the "Lemon Sign"

The Lemon Sign (LS) refers to the top-down appearance of the of the shape of a baby's head when seen through an ultrasound. In other words, when an ultrasound looks at a cross-section of the baby's head from the top, two indentations can appear on either side of the forehead above the eyes. This gives the head a shape similar to that of a lemon.

Don't worry! Your child's head will be just as round and shapely as a typical child's once he/she is born. Its just that it appears lemon-shaped on the ultrasound at a certain point in development.

The reason why this temporary LS matters is that it typically goes hand-in-hand with a diagnosis of Spina Bifida and so it serves as one more confirming form of evidence.


  1. So, does it mean that healthy fetus may also have lemon shape at certain point of development in the womb?

  2. My understanding is that just having the "Lemon Sign" by itself does not automatically mean there will be any sort of disability. Keep in mind, some people have such a minor case of SB that they don't even know they have it (Fpor example, the singer/songwriter John Cougar has SB). I would encourage you to pose your question to SB Kids on BabyCenter - it is an amazing community! http://community.babycenter.com/groups/a3825/spina_bifida_kids